The Box-Seat Method

We’ve never been interested in competing where everybody else is playing.

It’s crowded, restrictive, expensive and usually a pretty fast race to the bottom.

So we developed a ‘new and exciting’ way to find and attract our client’s ideal buyers before their competition and it’s by using our ‘Box-SEAT Method’.

What does that mean?

In most cases, the leads we pass onto our clients will not have started ‘actively shopping’ with any other builders, developers, or property company. Meaning you’re in the ‘Box-Seat’ to WIN their business more times than not.

Being the first to speak to a potential buyer is key if you want to increase your close rates Being last is only ok if you can 100% guarantee you’re the cheapest (which I’d never recommend being).

On top of finding your potential clients before your competition, we also strictly qualify your leads based on their financial ability to transact. 

Meaning each and every lead we generate for you earn the minimum income required to service a home loan, have the deposit required to start a conversation along with another 7 other important points of financial and personal data to attract the highest-quality leads.

But what does all that mean for you?

In its simplest form, more leads that CONVERT into sales. 

We are acutely aware it’s sales that pay the bills, not leads, so our focus is always helping you maximise your sales.

What type of conversion rate can you expect?

We believe we should always be aiming for a 10% conversion rate with the quality of leads we produce for our clients. Particularly because the lead you receive will be ‘exclusive’ to you and in most cases, you’ll be the first company they speak to. However, if you back your sales ability, connections and property options then you can certainly do better than 10%.

So as an example, if we start working on 20 leads per month, the goal is to have your team closing 2 new property sales/builds each month

Achieving this goal will keep your ROI very positive, along with confidence and consistency to continue growing your business.

If you’d like to learn more about our Box-Seat Method, feel free to get in touch by clicking here

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