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First Home Buyer Buddy 'Broker Branded' Programme

Helping your clients make smarter and better-informed decisions when buying their first home with your 'Broker Branded' First Home Buyer Buddy Landing Page.

What Is The First Home Buyer Buddy?

A simple step-by-step online system designed to guide your first home buyer clients through the entire property buying process.

Helping them…

As Their Mortgage broker, How Will It Help You?

The First Home Buyer Buddy Programme can be used as a lead generation tool, a value add to your existing clients, or it can do both.  

Click the drop downs below to see how the First Home Buyer Buddy is helping Mortgage Brokers Across Australia.

  • It’s not only an educational programme designed to help first home buyers make smarter and better informed decisions, it’s also a powerful client acquisition tool
  • It provides you with an irresistible offer to help you convert more leads into clients
  • Instead of relying on just a phone call or email, the First Home Buyer Buddy Keeps clients ‘Sticky’, engaged and connected to you, meaning you lose less to other brokers, banks or online sites
  • Improves your clients first home buying experience and provides increased satisfaction with the service and value you’ve provided
  • A reason why clients will seek you out to work with you
  • A unique way to separate yourself from your competition
  • Helps to reduce the number of non-finance related questions you’re usually asked by a first home buyer client
  • Speed up settlement times – reducing the chances of your client losing focus and not following through with buying a property and settling their loan with you
  • Increased referrals – Giving away a highly value ($996) gift to your attendees, via your ‘Broker Branded’ landing page, will have them raving about you to friends and family long after they’ve settled their loan with you
  • At your workshops and seminars – Helps convert the maximum number of attendees into clients at your workshops meaning you write more loans (the whole point of running your workshops)
  • On your website as a ‘Lead Magnet’, encouraging visitors to opt-in for a meeting with you
  • As an offer on your social media pages
  • In any of your advertising (online and offline)
  • As an offer you send to your database – either to current clients (who may have children looking to buy their first home) or to leads who haven’t yet committed to using your services

What Does The First Home Buyer Buddy Teach Your Clients?

Home Loan Approval

Getting your finances organised so you’re in a confident position to buy your first home

Your Ideal Property

Working out your ideal property so you choose the right home, avoiding any costly mistakes

Searching For Your Home

Start the search for your first home using real estate agent secret techniques

Agents And Inspections

How to deal with agents and inspections. What to say and what not to say to an agent.

Property Market Value

Once you find your dream home we’ll make sure you don’t pay more than you need to for it

The Auction Process

How to bid and remain calm in a stressful auction situation and end up the winning buyer on the day

Submitting Offers

A winning offer strategy will help you beat your competition & purchase your home for the lowest price

Negotiate Like A Pro

The Do’s and Don’ts of high pressure negotiations + how to get yourself the best deal

Signing Contracts

Offer acceptance, signing contracts, deposits and ensuring you’re well protected

Settlement Day

The best day! Collecting your keys, final inspections and avoiding common and costly delays

House & Land Packages

The Do's and Don'ts when building new or buying a house and land package

Expert Support

Have a question about something we haven't covered? Jump into our Facebook group and ask away.

When given a basic property buying literacy test, 61% of first home buyers failed

As Easy As 1...2...3

Guided Tutorials

Delivering short, easy to follow 2-7 minute video tutorials teaching your client everything they need to know to get themselves the best deal when buying their first home.

Templates & Checklists

Free templates, guides, cheat sheets and checklists for each and every important step (so they never make a costly mistake).

Professional Support

Access to experienced and dedicated buyers agents via an exclusive member group. We are there to answer any of their property related questions so you don't have to.

Are You Ready To Use The First Home Buyer Buddy To...

👉🏼 Generate more quality leads

👉🏼 See and help more clients

👉🏼 Write and settle more loans

Sign Up For Your Broker Branded First Home Buyer Buddy Package TODAY.

Help your clients achieve a faster and better result when buying their first home!

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