Sales Gold From The Legend Brian Tracy – How Can We Improve?

I’m a BIG fan of Brian Tracy. 

Especially his book ‘The Psychology of Selling’. (If you haven’t read it, I recommend you do).

Let’s face it, we are ALL in the business of selling – regardless of what we do. We’re all selling ourselves, our service, our products each and everyday. 

Brian says when it comes to selling – “Small differences in ability can lead to enormous differences in results.” 

Which I 100% agree with and love. Mainly because he’s not telling you that you have to improve by 100% to see a change. You might only need to improve one of your processes by 10% to see a difference, another by 5% and so on and so forth.

Brian also believes if we can focus on getting a little bit better in key areas of selling, it accumulates into “an extraordinary difference in income.” 🙌🏼

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the seven ‘Key Result Areas, or KRAs, he speaks about, they are: 

👉🏼 Prospecting 
👉🏼 Building rapport 
👉🏼 Identifying needs 
👉🏼 Presenting 
👉🏼 Answering objections 
👉🏼 Closing the sale 
👉🏼 Getting resales and referrals 

We’re doing all of these everyday (or at least trying to). So my question is, how are you making small improvements in any of those 7 KRA’s so you can make a BIG improvement in 2019?

For my business it was implementing live events. Initially for myself and then to help my clients. 

See, I noticed when running events that I was able to make these ‘small changes’ to produce the Big improvements I was looking for. I was able to improve in all of the 7 ‘Key Result Areas’ using the one strategy. 

So this is what I started helping our clients do – implementing our live event strategy – and help them get these ‘Big Improvements’ faster as well. 

So I’ll ask again… How are you making small improvements in any of those 7 KRA’s so you can make a BIG improvement overall? 

Do you have any tips you can share which have helped to speed things up for you? 

Would love to hear what they are, so drop your thoughts and tips in our private Facebook Group ‘Attract – Educate – Convert’ Broker Growth Strategies.
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